Yet Another New Glitch Has Been Uncovered In The Division


Another highly exploitable glitch has been uncovered by a player in Tom Clancy’s The Division, with this latest issue dramatically increasing bullet damage.

The video above explains that a player simply needs to equip a marksman rifle with the ‘Competent’ talent, before switching rapidly between that and another gun. Employing a skill immediately afterward seems to activate the bug, and you can then pull the trigger for massive amounts of damage. If you continue to switch back and forth, it seems that the glitch will also continue to increase the damage.

This glitch seems to be exploitable on some of The Division‘s toughest stages, including the recently added Falcon Lost Incursion. As a result, the difficult enemies in the stage can be cut down with just a few bullets each.

Glitches have been a widespread issue for Ubisoft to deal with so far, with the developers already having had to shut down errors that allowed players to gain unlimited credits or farm High End gear. Unfortunately, though, it seems that for each bug Ubisoft squashes in The Division, another one quickly springs up to replace it.

Tell us, have you come across any exploitable or even hilarious glitches in the game so far? Share your best finds in the comments below!

Source: VG247