Yo-Kai Watch 2 Set For Western Release In September

Yo-Kai Watch 2

Nintendo has nailed down plans to launch Yo-Kai Watch 2 for 3DS across North America on September 30, with a second season of the anime series expected to follow soon thereafter.

Bringing the light RPG franchise even closer to Game Freak’s prestigious Pokémon series, plans are in place for Yo-Kai Watch 2 to arrive in two distinct versions: Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits. What separates each version from one another is that players will be able to find rare Yo-Kai that can only be located in each game – again, much like Pokémon.

In the works at Level-5 – creative minds behind White Knight Chronicles 3 and Ni No Kuni – Yo-Kai Watch 2 is said to feature over 100 new monsters to collect, and a brand new town that will take budding explorers beyond the parameters of Springdale. As for the aforementioned anime series, expect the core arc to revolve around Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan as they get to grips with the all-new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero before setting off on an adventure.

Speaking about the franchise’s overseas success following its initial launch in Japan, Nintendo Marketing Boss Scott Moffitt released the following statement:

“After being such a massive sensation in Japan, it’s great to see the US start to embrace the mischievous and lovable Yo-kai. We’re excited to continue bringing fun Yo-kai experiences stateside this year.”

Yo-Kai Watch 2 will launch for 3DS in the west on September 30 – going toe-to-toe with Square’s Final Fantasy XV in the process.