Yo-Kai Watch Has Shipped Over 10 Million Copies Worldwide

Yo-Kai Watch

Japanese developer Level-5 have confirmed that their popular RPG series Yo-Kai Watch has now shipped over 10 million units worldwide since its first release. The game was initially available in Japan in 2013, and last month became available in North America for Nintendo 3DS users.

Yo-Kai Watch puts players in the role of a young boy named Nate (or Keita in Japan). Nate is given the mysterious Yo-Kai Watch by the Yo-Kai Whisper, when he stumbles upon it whilst out looking for bugs. From there his adventures unfold as he teams up with well-meaning Yo-Kai creatures and a fellow watch-bearer as they attempt to identify and defeat the more mischievous Yo-Kai inhabiting their town.

The game features heavy use of the 3DS touchscreen and is well-suited to the handheld device. However, Level-5 have still spoken of their desire to bring the series to alternative consoles such as the Wii U. The 3DS iteration is currently slated for a 2016 release in Europe, where Level-5 will be hoping to boost the success of the series even further.

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