The Yogscast Brings Joffo Cake Humor To Sanctum With Free DLC

I hope all of you got a chance to check out Sanctum over the weekend (and shame on you if you managed to pass up the free chance), but it seems that Coffee Stain Studios isn’t done with you quite yet. The developer teamed up with the Yogscast guys, in order to create a free bit of DLC. It is appropriately referred to as The Yogscave.

As the ruling elite in Elysion One, the brightsiders live a life of decadence, but this luxury comes at a terrible cost to the less fortunate members of society, who toil in factories below the surface – securing minerals to craft weapons to defend against invaders. Simon and Lewis are two miners who have found themselves on the night-shift to end all night-shifts. After Simon’s “amazing” idea to increase Joffo Cake storage by 46% by diverting power from the core’s energy containment shielding, the night was off to a great start! Unfortunately this idea backfired as the reduced shielding attracted unwanted attention from some of the Yogscave’s more sinister denizens. The invaders are different this time, they appear to be organized by some far more nefarious mind…

Experienced at dealing with the odd Barret Bat and Blessed Boar here and there, Simon and Lewis are still unable stop these invaders and require your help! Can you save the world? And more importantly can you save the Joffo Cakes?!

You can download the free DLC from Steam today.

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