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You have less than 24 hours to download the Pokémon sound library before it’s gone forever

You better Hoppip to it.

the pokemon company diamond pearl sound library
Image via Nintendo

The final countdown has begun as Pokémon sound library is about to shut down, so you have limited time to get your hands (legally) on some of the most iconic tunes from the series.

The announcement was made very recently on the The Pokémon Company‘s Sound Library where it was revealed that users have until May 31 to have full access to all the sounds and music from the only installments available, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Once the set date and time of the shutdown are passed, users will no longer have access to stream and download the official sounds.

“We will be shutting down the service on May 31, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. UTC. You will not be able to stream or download the sound data after this date.”

“As for the sound data downloaded already, you will be able to continue using it within the scope of the Terms of Use and Guidelines…

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you to everyone who has supported us since service launch.”

The Pokémon Sound Library was first launched back in February 2022 when Nintendo was cracking down on YouTube channels like Gilvasunner, which uploaded official video game scores from Nintendo titles.

Once again, you have until May 31 at 5 AM ET to download all the official sounds so you better get there quickly.

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