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‘You need to change it immediately’: Fans are convinced Instagram is banning Pokémon creators over usernames

Better start changing your username and bio.

Screengrab via TikTok

Pokémon fans are convinced that Instagram is banning their accounts, with speculation floating about that any accounts that reference “Pokémon” or “Poké” could be a potential target. However, there isn’t any information on the reasoning behind this.

Pokémon content creators shared their warnings on TikTok, claiming that users who reference the game anywhere in their username or bio could be banned on the platform. While it’s currently unknown when this first started, earlier reports could be traced back to July 22 when it was shared on a Pokémon forum, efour.

The author of the forum post claimed other people have faced similar issues via Discord, and they have no idea why it’s happening. Pokémon YouTuber PokeReve uploaded a video that also addressed the issue and shared a screenshot of Meta’s email notifying him about the ban. The screenshots claimed that these accounts were banned because they broke the community guidelines and that users could appeal.

However, the YouTuber reported one user tried to fight the temporary suspension, which led to their account being permanently deleted.

Many assumed that this might be an agreement made between The Pokémon Company and Meta, or Nintendo taking control of its trademark. However, nothing on the official Pokémon forums or website has warned users about this. As of writing, no official statement has been made by either company.

This is a scary time for Pokémon creators, especially those who managed to amass a large following by posting content about the game they love. Creators shared concern for the potential risk of impersonations, since other people could claim their usernames after 14 days.

It’s worth also noting that as of right now, there are still accounts that exist and reference the game in their usernames or bios. So until more details about the situation are revealed, all users can do to safeguard their accounts is change their details and remove any reference to Pokémon, just to be on the safe side.

We Got This Covered has reached out to The Pokémon Company International and Meta for comment.

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