Your Universe Awaits: Watch The No Man’s Sky Launch Trailer


To commemorate the game’s debut in North America today, August 9, Sony and developer Hello Games have premiered the official launch trailer for No Man’s Sky.

Set against 65daysofstatic’s inspired soundtrack, the snippet jets viewers off to the far reaches of space, outlining many of the game’s core tenets including survival, exploration and interstellar combat. Marooned on an alien planet with little resources to call your own, No Man’s Sky scatters players across its vast, procedurally-generated game world with one common goal: reach the center of the universe.

Shackled with a level of anticipation the likes of which we haven’t seen in years, there are still many questions looming over No Man’s Sky, and until players begin mapping out the cosmos in all of their wondrous glory, you can expect that intriguing sense of mystery to remain intact for some time yet. In fact, with close to 18 quintillion planets to explore, you’d best get comfortable.

Hello Games has already wrapped up work on the first major update, too, which will introduce a string of additional features, balancing and new content in the days after launch.

Your universe awaits. No Man’s Sky is available for those in North America today on PlayStation 4. Hello Games’ impossibly big space title will then make the jump across the pond tomorrow, before launching late on Friday, August 12 for those on PC.

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