Zen Studios’ CastleStorm Gets A Karaoke Trailer

Zen Studios released a karaoke trailer today for CastleStorm, so that you can literally sing along with the on-screen lyrics while watching some fantastic gameplay footage from the upcoming 2D RTS Xbox Live title.

With the craziness surrounding E3 I completely missed the game’s announcement last June. If you are in that same boat with me here is a quick rundown of exactly what Zen Studios latest title is all about. At its core CastleStorm is a 2D real time strategy title that combines several different gameplay elements. Players can choose to play as either the Knights or Vikings, as they customize their castle, manage resources, and send out troops to capture the opposing team’s flag in single-player, co-op, and multiplayer battles.

Basically, CastleStorm is a bit like Swords and Soldiers mixed with some tower defense elements and a pinch of Angry Birds.

To celebrate the release of the karaoke trailer, Zen Studios has also invited anyone to submit links to their own homemade #CastleStormSong music videos. All you have to do to enter is to video your singing performance and send the link to [email protected], or their Twitter account @zen_studios. Winning submissions will get a pair of Zen Studios slippers, a code to download the game when it is released, and a code for the company’s next Pinball FX2 release.

CastleStorm is currently scheduled to launch on Xbox Live Arcade early next year. As soon as Zen Studios nails down the exact release details we will let you know.