Zheros Launches For Xbox One For Free Through Games With Gold


A new 3D beat ’em up title is coming to Xbox One this month, and you can get hold of it free through Games with Gold. Zheros comes to the console courtesy of Rimlight Studios. Set to release on January 16th, the game will put classic fighting formulae into an exciting sci-fi setting.

With both single and multiplayer modes available, you’ll rely on a blend of fierce fisticuffs and powerful weapons to defeat the robotic army of Dr. Vendetta. Players can even call on the help of a heavy mech when things get really hairy, and Rimlight describe the action of their game as follows:

In a journey through distant and unknown galaxies, you will play as the members of the Zheros squad: Mike and Captain Dorian. Brave, strong as awkward and dim-witted the first one; agile, smart and ready for anything the second one.

So while the protagonists may not sound like the perfect heroes you’d hope for in such a dangerous mission, they certainly look entertaining, as you can see in the trailer above.

Zheros will be available from January 16th for Xbox One, and you can grab it free for the month thanks to Games with Gold.

Source: Games Press

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