Zombi Will Shamble Onto Retail Store Shelves In Early 2016


In order to garner added sales from disc-preferring gamers, Ubisoft will be bringing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game, Zombi, to retail store shelves in 2016. January, to be exact, although no pricing details have emerged and there’s no exact date to reveal.

Zombi — a slightly updated port of one of the Wii U’s most popular launch titles — made its way to the other two current-gen consoles back on August 18th of this year. For those who’ve yet to give it much time or interest, it’s a game about surviving a British zombie apocalypse, wherein roguelike mechanics rule. To live to see another day, players must scavenge environments and use cricket bats, limited gunfire or scavenged explosives to take out dawdling brain-eaters, all while keeping an eye on their health and knowing that death means a restart as a new survivor.

With this port, Straight Right has added some weapon customization in the form of skins for the ever-helpful cricket bat, as well as improved visuals and a couple of new melee weapons. However, while there’s no doubt that upgrades have been made, the game suffered from some unfortunate technical hiccups at launch. Here’s hoping they will have been patched our before Zombi hits retail for a second time.