Zombies Invade Buckingham Palace In This New ZombiU Trailer

In Ubisoft’s zombie-filled apocalyptic survival shooter, ZombiU, a completely unsafe version of London is presented. Heck, even the Queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace has been bit by the undead bug, becoming the home of brain-eating guards who will do anything to get an intelligent meal.

The game’s latest trailer focuses on an unlucky survivor who must attempt to escape the aforementioned royal residence and its shambling denizens. His attempt to do so requires the use of the Wii U’s gamepad controller, which acts as an inventory manager, a sniper scope and a keypad hacker.

On a side note, here’s the game’s newly-revealed North American box art:

ZombiU will be out this holiday season. While you wait for it, take a look at our hands-on preview.

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