New ZombiU Trailer Released At Gamescom

ZombiU will undoubtedly be one of the games to own when the Wii U comes out and it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty excited about it here at We Got This Covered.

The new trailer for the game, which you can watch below, was shown at GamesCom 2012 and quite frankly, it looks amazing. Graphics look slick and almost on par with Xbox 360/PS3 standards.

With the brief clip, we get to see a litle of how the campaign will likely start. We watch as the character wakes up alone with a disembodied voice guiding you through your first encounters with the undead hordes as you get used to the controls.

The game does seem to involve a lot of running which, fingers crossed, indicates a great survival horror title on the cards. If they pull it off, this could be a great start to life for Nintendo’s newcomer and it could also give the Wii U some serious muscle as it moves into the next generation of console gaming.

Check out the ZombiU trailer below.

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