New ZombiU Trailer Shows Tower Of London And Wii U Gamepad Gimmicks

Ubisoft released a new walkthough trailer today for the Wii U survival horror title ZombiU. The brief trailer shows off a bit of in-game footage of The Tower of London, and reveals how the Gamepad is used during gameplay.

The trailer does not go in depth with the functions on the Gamepad, but does show it being used for tasks like picking locks, scanning rooms, and as the scope on a sniper rifle. During some of these sequences (for example, when the player uses the sniper rifle) the view on the TV screen will shift to show a third person view of the player’s character while the screen on the Gamepad is used to preform the actions.

It looks fairly interesting, however, it also appears that some of these functions won’t amount to much more than a gimmick. Hopefully, that doesn’t turn out to be the case because ZombiU is actually looking like it could be one of the Wii U’s better launch games.