Z-Run Launching For The PlayStation Vita This May


Best known for endless runner title Canabalt and the Breakout-styled BreakQuest, developer Beatshapers have now turned their unique eye to the zombie apocalypse with Z-Run, which is currently scheduled for release in May for the PlayStation Vita.

Set in your typical zombie infested world, Z-Run believes in the idea that it is best to avoid needless confrontations with these creatures. As either Alex or Claire, players must jump and slide their way through desolate city streets that are littered with both obstacles and enemies. Occasionally, the opportunity for confrontation will rear its head, but for the most part, the name of the game is escape.

For a better explanation of Z-Run‘s core gameplay, Beatshapers has released a new video for the title that showcases the first few stages of the game’s Adventure Mode.

While Z-Run‘s graphics are nothing to write home about, this particular style of gameplay should suit the PlayStation Vita. Each level appears to be short and contained enough to allow for enjoyable on-the-go gaming. Hopefully Beatshapers can inject the title with a good amount of variety, too, so that gamers will want to keep coming back for more.

Z-Run will be released this May for the PlayStation Vita.

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