The 10 Best Superhero Movie Moments Of 2016


10) Black Panther On The Prowl

Making his debut in a movie stuffed to the brim with many already familiar heroes, Black Panther needed to be really kick-ass in order to make a big impression. Apart from a strong performance from Chadwick Boseman and a pretty cool costume, the character ended up winning over audiences thanks to this amazing chase scene.

As the newly-appointed Wakandan King, T’Challa hunts Bucky down through the streets of Bucharest (for supposedly killing his father, T’Chaka) while Steve chases them to protect his old friends. Meanwhile, the police are tailing the lot of them.

As well some fine direction from the Russo brothers (they’ve come a long way since You, Me and Dupree), it’s the number of participants with their own agendas that keeps the tension growing in this thrilling sequence. Upon reflection, it might just be one of the best chase scenes the genre’s ever seen.


9) Batman V Superman

Yes, we know that the central conflict of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is far from perfect. One of the big criticisms of the film is that the big punch-up between the World’s Finest Heroes is such a small part of the movie – after two and a bit hours of waiting, it’s over in 10 minutes. And even then, it comes to an abrupt end with the laughable “Martha” moment.

Despite all that, however, the inherent excitement of seeing these two icons of pop culture go toe to toe in the, as Lex Luthor would put it, “greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” was unimpeded. Director Zack Snyder is in his element when shooting a gloomy, gritty fight with lots of destruction and both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill give it their all.

Also, thanks to this scene, the long-standing fan argument is finally answered: Batman would beat Superman in a fight. Providing he has some kryptonite on hand and Supes doesn’t mention his mother’s name, of course.

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