10 Cloverfield Lane IMAX Poster Reveals A Slew Of Clues


In case you hadn’t heard: there’s a new Cloverfield movie on the way. It’s not a direct sequel but a “blood relative,” and even if all we’ve seen thus far are three people trapped in an underground bunker, it’s apparently much scarier than the first movie. Despite the trickles of teasers that continue to drop, there’s still an air of mystery surrounding 10 Cloverfield Lane.

In keeping with the spirit of the Matt Reeves-directed original, the marketing department at Bad Robot is going all-out to keep its secrets well hidden. Unless, that is, you’re game for a spot of sleuthing. The campaign has spiralled out of control, with tons of fans unlocking viral websites in pursuit of more details about the movie.

Whether you’re desperate for answers or simply enjoy the pleasures of well-crafted movie art, the new IMAX poster for 10 Cloverfield Lane has both angles covered.

/Film debuted the one-sheet from designer Ape Meets Girl, who had this to say when asked about any potential easter eggs included:

“Haha. Well, there are some obvious ones, like in the grass, and anyone who is following the Alternate Reality Game will be familiar with the name that appears in the post. As for the others, there are nods to the film, subtle nods, that really just appear to be part of the mailbox and the background, but once you’ve seen the film, you’ll realise their relevance. Some of them I added myself, but others were Dan’s idea, in particular he was keen to incorporate The Totally Rad Show into the image somewhere.”

Check out the poster below and let us know how many you can spot.


Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, and starring John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr., 10 Cloverfield Lane hits US theaters on March 11 and arrives in the UK on March 18.