The 12 Most Emotional Deaths In Superhero Movies

We are Groot by LisVanPiece on DeviantArt

It’s an old joke to say that death doesn’t mean anything in the world of superheroes. And while that is true in the sense that the dead often don’t stay that way forever – the list of ‘un-resurrectable’ characters is decreasing all the time in comics – that doesn’t mean to say that the unfortunate character’s demise won’t still pack an emotional punch.

Let’s look at a few examples from comic book movies. Yes, Batman might have somehow escaped to Paris after apparently sacrificing himself to save Gotham, for instance, but you can’t that say your bottom lip wasn’t quivering when you watched that scene in The Dark Knight Rises for the first time. Then again, sometimes a character’s death really does mean it’s curtains for them. In which case, it comes as a shock when the hero can’t save the day. Like, say, Thor’s mother Frigga’s death in Thor: The Dark World

Those are just a couple of the examples that didn’t make our list, as at the end of the day, while definitely sad, they can’t quite compare to how we felt when we witnessed these 12 superhero movie deaths….