10 Horror Movies & Shows – Including Slumber Party Massacre Remake – Are Dropping This Week

We’re less than two weeks away from Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that the lead-up to our favorite holiday is any less exciting. As the days draw closer to the fang-tastic celebration, we’re embracing all things terrifying and haunting. One way fans are enjoying scary goodness is by watching new and classic movies and tv series.

For those anticipating new horror favorites to fall in love with this year, several arrivals are hitting horror-centric channels and streaming services who are still just as in the mood for everything scary as you are. From a remake of Slumber Party Massacre to Night Teeth, there are upcoming horror premieres that’ll leave you spooked this week.

Slumber Party Massacre

In 1982, The Slumber Party Massacre, directed by Amy Holden Jones, was initially planned as a parody of slasher films. What happened instead was a film being created as a horror movie that was saturated with more humor than most may have anticipated while still being big on the scare factor.

The 2021 film, Slumber Party Massacre, just had its big debut on SYFY and has received positive reviews so far; the movie is available to watch on-demand starting Tuesday for fans who missed its premiere on October 16th.

The synopsis for the Slumber Party Massacre follow-up is as follows:

 “A new contemporary twist-filled reimagining of the 1982 slasher cult classic just in time for Halloween. A slumber party turns into a bloodbath, as a psychotic serial killer wielding a power drill disrupts the fun.”


Dashcam also hits video-on-demand starting Tuesday, and it will undoubtedly leave you with a haunting feeling. The trailer alone will send chills down your spine as you see a piece of dashcam video sent to the “wrong” person and the chaos that ensues after.

The synopsis for Dashcam is as follows:

Dashcam follows Jake —a timid video editor at a local news channel who fantasizes about becoming a reporter. While editing a piece on a routine traffic stop that resulted in the death of a police officer and a major political official, Jake is inadvertently sent dashcam video evidence that tells a completely different story. Working alone from his small apartment in NYC, Jake uses his skills as an editor to analyze the footage and piece together the truth behind what actually happened. Has Jake uncovered a conspiracy that he can break on the morning news? Or is he seeing things that aren’t really there?”


Knocking had a theatrical debut in early October and will also hit video-on-demand starting Tuesday — you should probably block off your social calendars for the next few days. The film is a psychological thriller that will leave you feeling terrified and undeniably terrible for Molly, the survivor of a severe accident.

Is she making up the noises, are they all in her head, or is something far more sinister at play?

The synopsis for Knocking is as follows:

”After suffering a traumatic incident, Molly moves into a new apartment to begin her path to recovery, but it’s not long after her arrival that a series of persistent knocks and screams begin to wake her up at night. Molly’s new life begins to unravel as the screams intensify and no one else in the building believes or is willing to help her.”

Ouija Japan

Hitting video-on-demand Tuesday is Ouija Japan which will, as the title hints, be a film dealing with spirits and haunts from the other side. As the trailer for the film shows, there will be scares and evil from the living side, too. A tagline for the movie seems to be a quote said at the end of the trailer; “It’s kill or be killed.” We know what end of that bargain we’d like to be on.

The synopsis for the film is as follows:

“Karen, an American living in Japan, desperately wants to fit in and plays the Japanese Ouija with her peers, unwittingly disrespecting a local deity who sets her up to fight her newfound friends in a deadly game of battle royal.”

Night Teeth

When the trailer for Night Teeth premiered, we knew it was a must-watch. We knew we wanted to tune in immediately with an incredible cast, a bloody and bite-centric storyline, and a sense of irony and humor mixed in. The movie follows a ride-share driver who gets more than he bargained for when he picks up a couple of girls for the night. From parties to vampire cults in killer get-ups, this movie has it all.

The official synopsis for Night Teeth is as follows:

“A young driver picks up two mysterious women for a night of party hopping. But when his passengers reveal their true nature, he must fight to stay alive.”

The Girl In The Woods

The Girl In The Woods is a new series coming this week, and it certainly looks to be a haunting watch. Peacock is premiering the series starting this Thursday, and as Bloody-Disgusting shares, the show’s eight episodes will all be available at once. In terms of binge-able shows, this one looks to be the kind you’ll finish in one sitting (with bathroom breaks and movement every hour to keep up your Apple Watch streak, of course).

The synopsis for the chilling series is as follows:

“In supernatural drama The Girl In The Woods, monsters are real, kept at bay behind a mysterious door in a cult-like colony. Teenage runaway Carrie’s job is to guard that door, but when strange occurrences begin to shake the sleepy mining town to its core, she must enlist the help of new friends Nolan and Tasha. The group becomes an unlikely trio of monster slayers, determined to save their loved ones. As they fight back, Nolan and Tasha can’t help but wonder…can they really trust Carrie? Small towns sure can be Hell.”

Locke & Key Season 2

The season 2 premiere of Locke & Key hits Netflix this Friday, and fans of the first season are anxiously anticipating the arrival. The first season saw siblings come together after the death of their father in an estate that has twists, secrets, and power at every turn.

The idea for season 2 takes the Locke children out of the surprise element of the responsibility of the magic they hold and what it means to be aging out of that magic. What comes next? In an interview with Gizmodo, Meredith Averill had this to say about season 2.

“With season two, we want to explore what that responsibility means. What does it mean as they get closer to being 18 years old – the age when you age out of magic – what does that mean?”

You can re-watch the first season on Netflix this week to prepare for the debut of season 2.


A new series coming to Apple TV is Invasion which may have more of a science fiction element than horror, but it will certainly fit the bill as far as terrifying television is concerned. As an alien invasion occurs, the lives of people around the globe are showcased. How will certain people, places, and cultures have a different spin on how the invasion is handled?

The synopsis for the series is as follows and is simple but effective.

The story follows an alien invasion through the lenses of many people around the world.

Invasion debuts on Apple TV this Friday.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Also hitting video-on-demand and theaters on Friday is Broadcast Signal Intrusion, which seems to pack the kind of fear that settles a little too close to home. As you may imagine from the title, Broadcast Signal Intrusion sees a video archivist named James happen upon disturbing clips that occur during old television broadcasts.

The synopsis is as follows:

“While logging tapes of decades-old TV broadcasts, video archivist James discovers a surreal and disturbing clip that James believes is the product of a mysterious broadcast signal hacking. His discovery takes a sinister turn when he tracks down similar broadcast intrusions that send him on an obsessive mission. Now James must confront two very real possibilities: that the videos may be clues to a crime beyond all comprehension; and that whoever was behind them may be very aware that James is coming uncomfortably close to the truth.”

The all-star cast and spine-chilling storyline are sure to make this a terrifying must-watch that horror fans love for years to come.

13 Fanboy

Hitting theaters, video-on-demand, and drive-ins this Friday is the long-awaited 13 Fanboy that several fans have been counting down the days to see finally. The film follows a fan who takes their love for slasher films a little too seriously and has his own idea for the deaths of some of the women in horror.

The synopsis for 13 Fanboy is as follows:

“An obsessed fan stalks his favorite actors from the “Friday the 13th” films and beyond, mirroring his idol Jason Voorhees.”

Which of these ten releases are you most excited to see this week, planning on watching them all? Let us know.