The 10 Best Moments From 2015’s Comic Book Movies


2015 has been a pretty quiet year for comic book movies. We kicked things off with Kingsman: The Secret Service, and that was followed by two Marvel Studios movies – Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man – before the summer blockbuster season wrapped up with the disappointing Fantastic Four reboot. Four very different movies which serve very much as the calm before the storm that is going to be the jam packed 2016.

However, these were all still significant releases for very different reasons, and each of them (yes, even Fantastic Four) had some pretty great moments. I’m talking about the scenes you’ll watch again and again on Blu-ray and those that are inevitably going to live on forever on YouTube.


These are the moments which stand out as being something truly special, and it just so happens that there were an awful lot of them in this year’s comic book adaptations. As a result, it’s not easy to narrow all of those down to just ten of the very best, but that’s what you’ll find here.

So, what made the cut and which of your favourite moments may have been overlooked? Click on through for the answers…