10 Reasons Why We Should Temper Our Excitement For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

9) J.J. Abrams Went Into Production Without A Script He Liked


No matter what film you’re making, it never helps to go into production without having gotten the screenplay to its final workable stage. Abrams recently admitted that this scuppered his own Star Trek Into Darkness, but the director apparently thought the same problems wouldn’t arise on The Force Awakens, a film which he also went to shooting without a script he was totally satisfied with.

The story goes that Abrams asked Disney for more time on pre-production for Episode VII, but the studio turned his request down. It’s not a foregone conclusion that the film will be weaker because of this, but aiming for a release date rather than making sure the project is ready to go first has more often than not proven problematic for films in the past.