10 Key Things We Learned From The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer


Spider-Man Makes Public Appearances Now

The FFH trailer starts with Peter going about his regular duties as a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Back in Homecoming, that involved pretty low-key affairs such as helping old ladies across the street. He was becoming a known name around Queens, though, with the all the kids at Peter’s high school watching YouTube videos of his antics.

By the time of the sequel, it seems that his local fame has grown to the point that he’s making public appearances. From what we can gather about this scene, May has organized a charity fundraiser and has got her nephew to show up in his superhero guise as the guest of honor. Peter isn’t exactly at the place where he’s getting keys to the city from the Chief of Police, like in Spider-Man 3, but this shows that he’s becoming more celebrated as a hero.

Somewhere out there, however, we suspect there’s an angry newspaper editor who thinks he’s more of a menace and a criminal. Hopefully, we’ll meet him in the next movie.

Aunt May Is Cool With Peter Being Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Far From Home Still

What this scene also tells us is that Aunt May is totally fine with Peter leading a double life. Homecoming put a twist on the usual Spidey story by having Marisa Tomei’s character find out about her nephew’s superhero’ing in the final scene of the movie. Infinity War didn’t address what happened next, but the Far From Home trailer makes it clear that she supports him fully.

And it’s not just that she begrudgingly accepts that this is who he is, either. By the looks of things, May is actively encouraging Peter to be Spider-Man. We’d imagine that it was even her idea for him to appear at the charity event. Plus, in the international trailer – which has a few different scenes and is worth a watch – May packs the Spider-Man suit in Peter’s case when he intends to leave it behind.

Portraying May as the Alfred to Spidey’s Batman seems to be the modern way of adapting the character, as Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse also cast May as the aid of the various alternate Spider-Men.

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