10 Things You Need To Know About Doctor Strange


Just as fans are counting down the days until Captain America: Civil War is released, Marvel decided to remind us about their other, much riskier, film coming out this year – by releasing the first trailer for Doctor Strange.

It was clearly a clever move as the internet has been abuzz with positive reactions to the footage. Going by what we’ve seen so far, Marvel look to be grounding the potentially ridiculous mystical elements of the movie in the human story of Stephen Strange being involved in a debilitating accident.


Likewise, the realization of those elements seems to have been inspired by visionary films like Inception or The Matrix, which will surely make the movie quite interesting to watch.

But, even after viewing the trailer, you might still be asking: just who is Doctor Strange? To help you our, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things you need to know about Marvel’s newest superhero before the film arrives later this year.