10 Ways That Rogue One Could Change Star Wars Forever


The first trailer for the latest Star Wars adventure, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, dropped recently, fuelling the next round of speculation, rumor and anticipation. Star Wars fanatics and those new to the saga alike are getting ready for another exciting entry into the galaxy far, far away, and as many people have acknowledged already, this Star Wars film will be strikingly different from its predecessors.

As the first of the Anthology films, Rogue One is also a Star Wars experiment. It’s the first time Lucasfilm has diverged from its traditionally Skywalker-based story template. It’s also rumored to be a far more realistic rendition of the typically black and white, Flash Gordon-esque cinematic saga which has fueled the franchise thus far.

If the experiment works, and Rogue One succeeds in a major way, it could change the Star Wars universe forever. And here, we look at 10 ways in which that might just happen.