10-Hour Haunted House Experience Offers Survivors $20,000

The Devil's Rejects

All of us horror fans like to think we’re pretty brave, but only the most courageous among us could survive ten hours in arguably the scariest haunted house in the world.

McKamey Manor is definitely not an experience for the faint of heart, as the attraction is so terrifying that guests have to sign a 40-page waiver beforehand, pass a physical exam, watch a 2-hour preparation video, view a social media screening clip, pass a drug test and agree on a safe word to get out if things become too intense. As of the writing of this article, not one person has been able to complete the haunted house in its entirety. And at this point, it looks like no one ever will.

That’s a shame, too, because the McKamey Manor is offering $20,000 to the individual who crosses the finish line. For those who think they can withstand this borderline torture in order to walk away with the money, head on over to one of the locations in either Summertown, Tennessee or Huntsville, Alabama.

Just being able to withstand the frights isn’t enough to win the cash, though. Participants must follow very strict rules if they want to secure the prize. For one, there’s no bad language allowed in McKamey Manor. If someone is caught yelling an expletive of any kind, they’re automatically disqualified from winning the $20,000. The same goes for running in the area or touching any of the props and/or performers. It’s understandably difficult not to want to curse, run or fight back when being scared out of your wits, but those are the qualifications for those who want the cash.

The cost to enter McKamey Manor is just a bag of food for the owner’s five dogs. The price one has to pay afterwards, however, could be never-ending nightmares. If you think you’re up for it, though, applications are available at the link below, but be warned: this isn’t your average haunted house.