First Look At Angelina Jolie’s Still Untitled Wartime Love Story


A few photos have surfaced from the set of Angelina Jolie’s still untitled directorial debut. The film has been surrounded by a bit of controversy (like when Bosnia kicked her out), and plenty of rumors (like hiring beau Brad Pitt for a cameo). But these are the first images we have that document the happenings on set. The image above shows Ms. Jolie working her director mojo. And then there’s this image:

All right, so that might not look like much. But amidst all the press circling the film, this is concrete documentation of what is actually happening on set.  There’s also quite a long and extensive interview with Ms. Jolie that accompanies the pictures, published on the Hungarian site Vasárnapi Hírek. There’s a lot of really great information in the interview, but here are some choice tidbits.

On whether the film will be in color, or black and white:

It`s shot in color but it could transfer to black and white. We haven`t decided that. I can show you… we put a series of pictures together in black and white and it was beautiful. But the important thing I want to make sure that we make a film for people who just want to go to the movies to watch a love story. To not be put off by anything that seems too heavy So we want to walk that fine line to make it accessible to everybody because it`s important for as many people to see it.

On the languages the movie is filmed in:

We actually shot a full version in their native language and we shot a full version in English. We shot two complete films. I was only able to do it because the actors were so fluent in English so they were willing to work hard and do the scenes in two languages.

On when the film might be released:

I don`t know. I have lots of people giving me lots of opinions. I just want to do it right. I have to go back and edit both versions at the same time in Los Angeles, because Brad`s working there, so we`ll be in LA. And if it hopefully turns out well and people respond to it…we`ll see. But of course I want to pay respect to the area and the cast and the people, so I am listening to them and where they want it released. I still just hope to put a good film together.

Read the full interview here.

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