2 Forgotten George Clooney Movies Are Back In A Big Way On Streaming

intolerable cruelty

George Clooney has come a long way since people were predicting his career as a big screen leading man was over before it had even gotten started, following the disastrous reception afforded to Batman & Robin, a movie he still can’t stop apologizing for almost 25 years later.

The 60-year old is now lauded as one of the most respected actors and filmmakers in the business, to the extent that he holds a unique Academy Awards record. On top of his Best Supporting Actor win for Syriana and Best Picture trophy for producing Argo, he holds the distinction of being nominated in more different categories than anyone else in Oscars history, having also been shortlisted for Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.


Two of Clooney’s more overlooked efforts have now rebounded on streaming out of nowhere, with the Coen brothers’ Intolerable Cruelty and Hail, Caesar! currently ranking among the sixteen most-watched films on HBO Max, as per FlixPatrol.

While neither is regarded by fans as top-tier Coen, both generated strong reviews from critics and feature strong performances from Clooney, proving that he can lend his considerable talents to almost every genre under the sun and make it work, with the exception of comic book adaptations of course.