2 Guns Releases A Plethora Of Clips and Images


Universal’s upcoming action comedy 2 Guns has unveiled a wealth of new clips and images showcasing banter between leads Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington as well as some furious-looking action.

The film, adapted from the graphic novel series of the same name by Steven Grant, will track the misadventures of two undercover agents from competing bureaus who are forced to team up after an attempt to infiltrate a violent drug cartel goes terribly wrong. Fugitives from the US government and wanted dead by powerful gangsters, the pair must learn to trust one another in order to make it out alive.

Contraband producer Baltasar Kormakur directed the film, which co-stars Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol‘s Paula Patton, Big Love’s Bill Paxton, Stand and Deliver‘s Edward James Olmos and X-Men‘s James Marsden.

Will you go see 2 Guns? I know I’m excited to see the chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington, two great dramatic actors who have repeatedly proven their ability to carry action flicks by themselves. With a solid supporting cast, a neat concept, and these two leads, it would have to take a truly disastrous script to ruin 2 Guns for me.    

Check out six clips and thirteen images from 2 Guns below, which find Wahlberg and Washington in an array of compromising positions.