2 Million For Will Smith Vs. Mark Wahlberg Bout

A boxing promoter is offering a cool million to both Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith for a three-round match.

The Hollywood Boxing Federation — which has featured matches with celebs Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohan’s crazy dad) and Danny Bonaduce — has offered the actors, who have both portrayed boxers in film, a cash donation to their favorite charities in exchange for the event.

Damon Feldman runs the Celebrity Boxing Federation, also known as the Hollywood Boxing Federation. He said the idea of a Smith/Wahlberg fight came to him after viewing The Fighter. Will Smith has previously played Muhammad Ali in the film Ali.

“I can’t see them saying no. It’s not like anyone is going to get hurt,” Feldman told the Toronto Star. “It would be a win for everybody. The money would go to each of their charities and we would pick up the TV rights,” he said.

Feldman declined to say who was putting up the $2 million.

Feldman, who resides in Pennsylvania, no longer promotes fights there since the state’s Athletic Commission indicted him in April for fixing fights. Wahlberg (39 years old) and Smith (42 years old) would appear at the CBF event Feb. 26 in Las Vegas. I wonder if this guy fixes fights, who would he fix this bout towards? Either way, I think this could be an enjoyable event and my early wager would go towards Wahlberg as he is obviously in boxing shape.

What do you guys think? Good idea or bad idea? Wahlberg or Smith?