2 New Super Teams Are Reportedly Coming To The MCU

Avengers: Infinity War

The MCU is always expanding, with reams of new heroes, antiheroes and villains due over the next few years, so it stands to reason that before long there will be plenty more super teams around than just the Avengers and the Guardians. Sure enough, the latest rumor points to two new groups assembling in the franchise in the near future. Namely, the Thunderbolts and the Dark Avengers.

Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph has shared that her sources tell her that both of these teams are coming to the MCU very soon. Randolph promises to reveal more about what she’s heard in her review of the penultimate episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier later today, so fans may wish to check that out. The insider’s information can be hit or miss, but in this case, other evidence has supported her scoop.

For those unaware, both these rosters have a more villainous or antiheroic bent than the Avengers. The Thunderbolts are essentially Marvel’s answer to DC’s Suicide Squad, and in the comics, the group – often led by Baron Zemo – is formed by General Ross/Red Hulk. Unlike Task Force X, though, the team is usually interested in redemption. That’s not the case for the Dark Avengers, however. Started by Norman Osborn when he took over S.H.I.E.L.D. and renamed it H.A.M.M.E.R., the group features supervillains assuming the identities of famous heroes.

Today’s episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier definitely hinted at both these teams, too. The surprise cameo looked like they wanted to recruit John Walker to their side, and while that sounds like something to do with the Thunderbolts, Walker – under his U.S. Agent alias – has been part of the Dark Avengers in the comics. Plus, there’ve been reports of a Thunderbolts TV series and a Dark Avengers movie happening in the past.

More clues to these teams forming in the MCU may drop in Black Widow, debuting on July 9th. In the meantime, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier concludes next Friday on Disney Plus.