2018 Star Wars Spinoff Film To Tell Boba Fett’s Origin Story


The Wrap is reporting that the 2018 Star Wars spinoff film, which was originally set to be directed by Josh Trank before he was fired, will tell Boba Fett’s origin story. While definitely exciting, this news isn’t particularly surprising given that we knew an origin film for the character was in the works. We just didn’t know when we’d be seeing it.

Unfortunately, no further details were given, so it’s unclear when exactly the story will take place and whether or not the entire thing will focus on Fett’s origin or if his backstory will simply be worked into a larger plot arc. We already know that the character is the offspring of clone trooper template Jango Fett, but aside from that, we don’t have too many more official canon details on him. And honestly, a lot of people feel that it should stay that way.

Part of the reason that Fett became a fan favorite was due to his mysterious past. George Lucas sort of ruined that a bit in the prequel trilogy, but going one step further and giving him an actual origin film may do even more damage. Then again, I’m sure that there’s a lot of people who would be interested in learning more about him and at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone.

Simon Kinberg is currently set to script the film but a replacement for Trank is still yet to be found. We’ll keep you posted as more developments arise, but for now, tell us, do you think a Boba Fett origin story is a good move for the Star Wars universe, or would you rather the character stay mysterious, as he was in the original trilogy?

Source: TheWrap