Casting Call For 2018’s Halloween Might Reveal Some New Details


Aside from the fact that we haven’t seen Michael Myers on the big screen since 2009, there seems to be a multitude of reasons why we’re greatly looking forward to the next Halloween movie. Granted, we could talk about this all day, but a few of them are how it’ll ignore everything but the events of the original film, and how it’ll be set in an alternate universe of sorts, somewhat changing the ending of John Carpenter’s eternal classic.

But, as is the reality with many movies that are this highly anticipated, minor bumps in the road are to be expected. In this case, it’s in regards to principal photography. You see, shooting on the pic was supposed to commence back in October but after hitting a delay, it’ll now begin this month instead, and that means fresh new details are being uncovered.

According to Omega Underground, a casting call confirms the mid-January start date and is apparently looking for both males and females of all ethnicities to play high school students. That in and of itself isn’t terribly revealing, but it does shed at least a bit of light on what may be going on here, hinting that once again, Michael will be targeting teenagers. Or so it seems.

From what we’ve been told so far, David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride’s take on the iconic franchise will be a faithful, horror-oriented sequel that, as we said above, picks up exactly where the John Carpenter classic left off – albeit with some changes to the original’s ending. That means Green and Co. have chosen to retcon the entire Halloween saga, a decision which has left many of its alumni (see: Danielle Harris) bitterly disappointed.

Whether that’ll end up being the right choice remains to be seen, but here’s what McBride had to say about it in a recent interview:

“It picks up after the first one, but it’s sort of an alternate reality. It’s as if the first film ended in a slightly different way.”

Pegged to arrive on October 19th, 2018, the Halloween sequel has got just about everyone excited for Michael Myers’ second coming and with production now gearing up, we can’t wait to learn more about what’s in store.