2019 Set To Be A Huge Year For The Walt Disney Company


Every year is a big year for The Walt Disney Company, but 2019 is set to be a particularly huge twelve months at the box office and beyond for the increasing inescapable House of the Mouse.

As you may know, the biggest Disney-related event of the year probably has nothing to do with new releases but is instead the conglomerate’s acquisition of Fox. But even before we find out what the studio plans to do with its new set of properties, Disney has some major franchise releases on the way. As a new report from The Motley Fool observes, a recent Fandango poll of 2019’s most anticipated film bodes very well for the company, with Disney’s Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Star Wars Episode IX proving to be the three most popular choices. Beyond that, the Top 10 contains four other movies owned by the studio, namely Toy Story 4 at number five, The Lion King at seven, Aladdin at eight and Dumbo at nine.

At the same time, the company has some ambitious plans for the small screen by way of their upcoming Disney Plus streaming service. With planned Marvel, Star Wars and Disney animated shows on the way, TMF observes that the platform has the potential to pose a genuine threat to Netflix.

But if you thought that Disney’s ongoing attempts to conquer the pop culture landscape would end with new film and TV projects in 2019, then you’ve probably forgotten that the company still has a good few theme parks under its belt, with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge regions soon to be added to resorts in Florida and California.

Though Disney has long felt omnipresent in the entertainment we consume, it seems they can always get bigger, and once that Fox deal comes into effect, there’s no telling what changes are headed our way.