20th Century Fox Picks Up Men Who Kill For Michael B. Jordan


Hoping to continue working with their Fantastic Four/Chronicle star, Michael B. Jordan, 20th Century Fox has picked up a pitch by T.J. Fixman for a star vehicle titled Men Who Kill. Said to be an “international Bad Boys,” the project will be produced by Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, with Kenny Goodman exec producing.

We won’t blame you if you’re unfamiliar with Jordan. Although he’s been around for a while now, having had television roles on shows like The Wire, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, he didn’t really break out until 2012’s Chronicle. Even then, it took another full year for him to really put his name on the map, which he was able to do thanks to his powerful performance in Fruitvale Station.

Now, he’s an extremely hot commodity in Hollywood and is being groomed to become the industry’s next bankable leading man. With rumors linking him to nearly every high-profile film that’s currently in production, the only projects that he’s officially signed on to are the Fantastic Four reboot and the Rocky spin-off, Creed.

As for Men Who Kill, there’s not really much to go on at the moment. That being said, it sounds like the perfect action blockbuster to help further build the young actor’s star. Plus, it’s being compared to Bad Boys, a film that helped turn Will Smith into an A-lister. If the comparison is true, then I see no reason why Men Who Kill can’t do similar things for Jordan’s career.

Source: Deadline