23 Jump Street “Quite Possible,” Says Chris Miller

22 jump street car

If you thought 22 Jump Street effectively knee-capped any possibility of a third round of misadventures for Schmidt and Jenko, you weren’t alone. A running joke in the sequel was the redundancy of sequels, and that film’s credit sequence openly mocked the idea of future installments, presenting a slew of ridiculous posters for movies like 25 Jump Street: A Semester at Sea and 30 Jump Street: Flight School. Now, however, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have again teased the possibility of an actual 23 Jump Street.

The sound bite came during Lord and Miller’s interview with Empire Magazine, in which they discussed plans for The LEGO Movie 2The LEGO Batman Movie and more. When asked about the possibility of bringing Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum back for a Jump Street threequel, Miller’s answer came as a big surprise:

Miller: “It’s quite possible. We’ve been developing something with Rodney Rothman, who was one of the writers on 22 Jump Street, who’s written a script, and it’s yet crazier. Completely different. Who knows if it’ll all come together or how.”

Lord: “All set in the Lego universe. Fully animated.”

Miller: “It’s as crazy an idea as that.”

Of course, Lord is joking about a LEGO-fied 23 Jump Street, but Miller’s comments are a good reminder of the fact that Sony Pictures and Original Film have no intention of letting a lucrative franchise like this go quietly into that good night. Rothman was tasked with writing a treatment for 23 Jump Street earlier this fall, and if we’re going purely off what Miller is saying, it sounds like the scribe has cracked it. 22 Jump Street worked because it was brave enough to mock its own existence, and something “completely different” from the previous two installments would be necessary to keep the franchise creatively fresh.

Tell us, do you want a 23 Jump Street, or is it a bad idea? And if it does pan out, how do you feel about 23 Jump Street: Medical School?

Source: Empire