Now You See Me 2’s Official Title Revealed


Over the past few months, we’ve heard some pretty awful proposed titles for Now You See Me 2, Summit’s announced sequel to the 2013 magician caper, including (believe it or not) Now You See Me: Now You Don’t. Luckily, the filmmakers chose to go with a different tactic when subtitling the follow-up, as Mark Ruffalo has just revealed that the full title is Now You See Me: The Second Act

Hardly the catchiest title, I know, but it does remind us that the sequel will continue to set up the larger universe merely teased in the first installment. In The Second Act, three of the Four Horsemen (Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Jesse Eisenberg – Isla Fisher opted not to return) are drawn out of hiding to face a new enemy, who enlists them for a dangerous heist. Agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) also returns to the franchise, albeit in a vastly different capacity from his role in the first film (hardly suprising given the revelatory finale of Now You See Me).

The returning cast is joined by Daniel Radcliffe, Jay Chou (The Green Hornet), Sanaa Lathan and Lizzy Caplan, all of whom play key roles. While Chou and Caplan’s parts are being kept under wraps for the time being, we do know that Radcliffe is playing the son of Michael Caine’s character, Arthur Tressler. Given how royally the Four Horsemen screwed over Tressler in the first film, it wouldn’t be surprising if his son served as the sequel’s main antagonist. Meanwhile, Lathan will play FBI Agent Natalie Austin, who is tasked with hunting the Horsemen.

As many problems as Now You See Me had, it will be interesting to see how The Second Act continues to deepen the characters and explore the mythology behind the Eye (a secret society of magicians).

The sequel is set to hit theaters on June 10th, 2016, so stay tuned for more info!

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