Director Rob Zombie Teases New Clown For 3 From Hell


Another day, another Rob Zombie Instagram post to sate our collective appetite for upcoming horror threequel, 3 From Hell.

First spotted by Bloody Disgusting, this all-new status report appears to tease the addition of Clint Howard (it does look like him, after all). Much like all of the other casting coups thus far – namely Dee Wallace, Jeff Daniels Phillips and Daniel Roebuck – Howard is a veteran of Zombie’s oeuvre, having cropped up in everything from Halloween to The Lords of Salem. Is the actor about to add 3 From Hell to his cinematic collection?

Alas, it’s impossible to know for sure, as the director’s cryptic Instagram merely alludes to the fact that there’s a new clown in town. His name? Mr. Baggy Britches, it seems, and Rob Zombie’s latest social media dump was attached to the following caption: “Another day of shooting 3 From Hell. Who the fuck is this dude?”

Rob Zombie 3 From Hell

Suffice it to say, the somewhat contentious filmmaker is playing his cards close to the vest when it comes to the actual story underpinning 3 From Hell. We know it’s the horrific continuation of House of 1,000 Corpses and its sequel, The Devil’s Rejects, but it appears Sid Haig’s bat-shit insane Captain Spaulding, who is arguably the most popular character of Zombie’s atypical trilogy, has some competition.

Also starring Bill Moseley (Otis), Sheri Moon Zombie (Baby) and Austin Stoker, famous for his role in Assault on Precinct 13, 3 From Hell is currently lensing under the watchful eye of Rob Zombie and his team, which tells us that a late 2018 release date may well be on the cards. Keep your peepers peeled.

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