3 From Hell Director Rob Zombie’s Funko Pop! Figure Has Finally Arrived

rob zombie

It isn’t quite as bad as Samuel L. Jackson never winning an Academy Award, but it’s still pretty ridiculous that Rob Zombie has never been the subject of a Funko Pop! figure before. But as the old saying goes: better than late than never. With his new movie 3 From Hell set to hit theaters this September, those at the company have finally gotten around to turning the legendary musician/filmmaker into one of the lovable figurines.

The 54-year-old superstar back in 1985 made a name for himself as a founding member of the heavy metal group White Zombie. After releasing four studio albums with the band, he started to record more solo work. Coinciding with the rapid rise of his music career was his directorial debut House of 1,000 Corpses, a project so controversial that it was put on hold for three years before finally being released to the public.

The cult classic became so popular with Zombie’s fans though that a sequel was made in 2005. The Devil’s Rejects received even more acclaim than its predecessor, leading many to believe that the filmmaker would produce another installment in the trilogy. Instead, Zombie focused more on his music career as well as other film projects; he directed the 2007 remake of Halloween, as well as a few other less popular endeavors.

Now though, fourteen years after the release of The Devil’s Rejects, the horror icon is at last bringing audiences the next chapter of the Firefly family. The gratuitously violent 3 From Hell is only playing in select theaters for three nights this fall. Without a doubt, diehard Zombie fans are going to want to reserve tickets in advance, as well as pre-order their very own special figurine of the heavy metal mastermind, which you can do via the link below.