3 More Sonic The Hedgehog Movies Reportedly In Development

Sonic The Hedgehog

Jeff Fowler’s Sonic the Hedgehog arrived at just the right time, with the blockbuster video game adaptation hitting the big screen roughly a month before the Coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the theatrical industry, and there’s every chance that it could have performed even better at the box office were it not for screens across the world shutting their doors last March.

As it stands, though, Sonic still did incredibly well, becoming the highest-grossing video game movie ever domestically, while a global haul of just under $320 million was good enough to secure a status as the sixth biggest earner of 2020. That’s an impressive turnaround for a project that looked destined for failure when everyone unanimously and vociferously rejected the terrifying original design of the title character, and the backlash was probably the best thing that could have happened to the pic.

Inevitably, a sequel was confirmed to be in active development last May, but so far we’ve heard very little official word on where Sonic 2 is headed in terms of plot and further new additions, although the credits scenes would appear to guarantee a major role for Tails and a more game-accurate version of Jim Carrey’s scenery chewing Robotnik.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming, though, that there a further two Sonic the Hedgehog movies in development alongside the sequel, meaning we’ll be getting at least three more films in the series. A couple of months ago, the tipster also reported that Carrey is signed on for multiple Sonic and Robotnik spinoffs, but we’ll just have to wait and see how the second installment begins to take shape before looking too far into the notion of an entire cinematic universe.