3-Hour Director’s Cut Of Doctor Sleep Is Now Streaming


The latest entry in Hollywood’s recent Stephen King renaissance came and went without much fanfare back in November, with the release of Doctor Sleep ultimately resulting in a small financial loss for Warner Bros. Despite being one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movies of 2019, the most recent adaptation of the prolific author’s work didn’t have the same type of name recognition as the likes of It and Pet Sematary, with horror auteur Mike Flanagan’s latest earning just $72.3 million at the global box office.

It may have acted as a direct follow-up to The Shining, which is still regarded as one of the greatest horror movies ever made, but the studio perhaps over-estimated the appeal that a sequel to a critically-acclaimed genre flick that was released almost 40 years ago would have on modern audiences, compared to how Pennywise captured the attention of the younger generation in the build-up to both chapters of It.

Doctor Sleep scored solid-if-unspectacular reviews, with many praising and criticizing the movie for the same reasons, namely the slower and more contemplative tone compared to the jump-scares that people had come to expect from a project with Stephen King’s name on it. The theatrical cut may have run for 152 minutes, but Flanagan nonetheless revealed that the home video release would include a three-hour Director’s Cut, which would stretch the running time to 180 minutes.

The new version of the movie is now available and adds a ton of fresh footage, as well as breaking the story into several chapters in order to give it more of a literary or miniseries-type feel. People didn’t seem that interested in parting with their hard-earned cash to see Doctor Sleep in theaters, so you would assume that a three-hour edition would be a niche product that appeals mostly to diehard fans of King and Flanagan only. But if you’re still eager to see more, we certainly suggest checking it out, as some of the extra scenes do add a lot to the film.

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