5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

Man of Steel

With the success of the Marvel cinematic universe over at Disney, it seems almost certain that Warner Bros. will have to build a cinematic universe around their DC properties. It’d be foolish not to, especially with how passionately fans want to see a multi-character universe. While Christopher Nolan shied away from alluding to character’s outside of Batman lore, Zack Snyder did not share that philosophy when it came to Man Of Steel. Thankfully, he didn’t sink to the level of directly copying Marvel’s method with a post-credit scene to reveal future plans, but rather provided a series of smart clues for fans to dissect.

That dissection is what I’ve attempted to do. If all goes well, it seems Snyder’s film is going to be the first of many connected DC movies, so it was safe to assume there would be some hints at what is to come. I was able to spot 5 main Man Of Steel Easter Eggs that may reveal something about where Warner’s DC films are headed. These all could be nothing more than fun bonuses for DC fans, but they could also all be direct references to what Snyder has planned.

So, read on to see 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs that may hint at future DC films.