50 Cent Says He’ll Direct A Marvel Movie, But Only If He Has The Time

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

Having built up a varied and eclectic resume across countless forms of media over the last two decades, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson now fancies taking a crack at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent social media post, the rapper-turned-actor was bold enough to compare himself to Martin Scorsese, and now feels ready to tackle the next big Marvel movie. Only if he has the time, though.

Prior to directing a recent episode of Power, Jackson’s only previous experience behind the camera was Before I Self Destruct, a vanity project that coincided with his album of the same name that he also wrote, produced and starred in. However, he clearly believes that he’s already outgrown the Starz series, and that they can no longer afford such a big-time director.

In all seriousness, the MCU has shown a knack for hiring directors that wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice to helm a mega-budget comic book blockbuster but have turned out to be huge successes, with the Russo brothers, Taika Waititi and Ryan Coogler being prime examples. At least 50 Cent is setting his sights as high as possible, but hopefully he isn’t eagerly waiting by the phone hoping for Kevin Feige to call.

The media mogul seems to have enough to keep him occupied anyway, having already released five studio albums, starred in two video games along with acting work that has also seen him write two feature film scripts and produce countless others. And worst case scenario, if his Hollywood career fails entirely, he also has a wide portfolio of investments to keep the money coming in. Unless of course the best-kept secret in the business is Phase Five’s next Avengers movie starring 50 Cent.