6 Offensive Comedies That Just Aren’t Funny


Despite having the good intention of making people laugh, comedies can incite controversy, often leading to negative press and even boycotts in extreme cases. Art shouldn’t be censored, but it’s also worth considering the impact that offensive movies may have on the lives of those who are mocked in these films.

Whether you agree that comedy should push the boundaries of taste or not, we can all agree that there is no point in making offensive comedies if the end result isn’t even funny. When that happens, the filmmakers end up both offending a minority and boring the majority. Neither outcome is particularly desirable.

Many offensive comedies such as Team America and Borat didn’t make this article, because they’re actually funny as hell, but a list like this is always subjective, so feel free to let us know your thoughts/angrily vent in the comments section below.