6 Offensive Comedies That Just Aren’t Funny


6) Get Hard (2015)

Will Ferrell movies are a hit or miss affair. For every Anchorman or Elf, there’s a Bewitched or Land of the Lost… yeah, I’d almost forgotten about that one too. Unfortunately, Get Hard falls squarely into the latter category and ended up being one of Ferrell’s worst movies yet.

The plot follows the story of a rich and unlikable white guy who hires a black car washer in order to prepare him for his upcoming prison sentence. Cue 100 minutes of inane racist and homophobic jokes that circle primarily around Ferrell avoiding the inevitable raping he will undoubtedly receive in prison.

The general lack of good jokes here would be offensive enough, but the one scene that bothered audiences the most was the ‘gay brunch’ sequence. After days of training, Kevin Hart’s character gives up on toughening Ferrell up, telling him that he must now learn how to perform oral sex on men to survive prison. The following scene set in a men’s bathroom is everything you would expect it to be, complete with nauseating stereotypes and even more nauseating gagging, demeaning all of the actors involved.

Give me Land of the Lost 2 over Get Hard any day!

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