Netflix Has 6 Very Underrated Horror Movies That You Can Stream Right Now

Girls With Balls

Given the bleak state of the world at the moment, you’d think that horror – a genre which typically destroys rather than reinforces our faith in humanity – is the last thing that people are wanting to see. Rest assured, however, that there is no limit to the sadomasochistic ways of the human heart. For better or worse, then, here are a few expertly-crafted yet little-known scary pictures that you can find on Netflix.

First off, we have a 2018 film called Calibre. Frequently recommended by acclaimed thriller writer Stephen King, this Scottish feature follows two friends whose weekend hunting trip is turned into a nail-biting, paranoia-inducing experience following a horrific accident. Sorry to keep the synopsis vague like that, but the plot is really better experienced without spoilers.

Super Dark Times, meanwhile, has a pretty similar premise: two friends turn on each other following a tragedy. Though the name may remind you of teenage comedies like The End of the F***ing World, its source material is, as you probably guessed, a lot darker. Heavily influenced by the depressive yet highly unique melodrama Donnie Darko, this adventure makes Stranger Things look like a Disney World theme park ride.

Girl With Balls

One of the more unique entries on this list, The Bar blends numerous tones and genres to make for a conflicting viewing. Similar to the recent hit Knives Out, it’s a movie that will leave you uncertain not only of what to expect but also how to feel. What’s it about? A group of people – some friends, some not – are forced to hide inside a café while a mysterious sniper tries to kill them from the outside. That’s it.

The three other films stowed away in the dark, damp corners of the streamer’s library include Girls with Balls, where “an all-girls volleyball team finds themselves hunted by back wooded locals,” Inhuman Kiss, a supernatural coming-of-age love story and When Angels Sleep, a bleak psychological thriller. And all are well worth a watch, no matter where your interests in horror lie.

But tell us, what’s the scariest horror film that you’ve found on Netflix? Let us know in the comments section down below.