7 Intriguing Theories About Rey’s Identity In Star Wars: The Force Awakens


7) She’s A Skywalker


Let’s get probably the most accepted fan theory out of the way first. Yes, due to how strong Rey’s Force powers are without her having any training (that we know of), it is thought that she is none other than Luke’s daughter.

One theory states that a clue is hidden in her name; in the unlikely form of rhyme. Just like Kylo Ren sounds close to his true identity of Ben Solo, some fans think that Rey’s real name is Padme – named by Luke after his mother. After all, there is a passing resemblance between Ridley and Natalie Portman.

This theory gained credence for some when a clip from Disney Infinity‘s Force Awakens playset seemed to feature Kylo saying to Rey “Face me, Cousin!” which, assuming Leia doesn’t have any other siblings, would make her Luke’s child. However, what he actually says is “curses.”

Still, while this piece of evidence might not hold up, that doesn’t mean the whole theory is kaput. It does seem a lot more likely than many of the following ideas.

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