7 Intriguing Theories About Rey’s Identity In Star Wars: The Force Awakens


6) She Is Han And Leia’s Daughter


On the other hand, is it really likely that she is Luke’s? By the sounds of it, Luke committed himself to the ways of the Jedi after Episode VI and so he probably wouldn’t have had time for romance. Instead, what if Rey is another Solo?

The crux of this theory goes that, well, if she ain’t Luke’s then she’s got to get her Force-sensitivity from somewhere and seeing as Luke and Leia are the only Force users around before this film, then she has to be related to Leia.

Some people see a maternal element to when Leia and Rey hug after Han’s death at the end of the film. This is strengthened by the fact that Leia passes by Chewbacca – Han’s biggest BFF in the whole galaxy – to console Rey instead. Perhaps Kylo and Rey are siblings not cousins and Leia had twins, just like her mother? One good twin and one evil twin battling it out for the sake of the galaxy – it does have a fittingly grandiose ring to it.

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