7 Reasons Why Suicide Squad Will Be The Best Movie Of 2016


Comic-Con spoiled us rotten this year.

The new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer surpassed all expectations – aside from Lex Luthor’s rat-tail hair, of course – and the footage from Fox’s R-rated Deadpool movie blew the minds of everyone in the room. However, amongst all of the commotion, it’s easy to forget that another comic book trailer debuted at Comic Con-too, one which could be the dark horse of ‘superhero’ movies and – whisper it – could even turn out to be the best movie of 2016.

Don’t believe us?

After watching the trailer more times than should be humanly possible, we’ve devised seven scientifically verifiable reasons as to why Suicide Squad will be the best movie of 2016, fending off competition from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool and… errrrr Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass.