7 Reasons Why Suicide Squad Will Be The Best Movie Of 2016


7) These Aren’t Technically The Heroes We Want Or Need

Suicide Squad Footage

Superhero movies are big business these days, but even the most popular trends don’t last forever, not without reinventing themselves in some capacity. There will always be a place for traditional heroes like Batman or the Avengers, but it’s vital that the genre evolves in order to stay relevant.

Marvel took a gamble with Guardians of the Galaxy, throwing a ragtag team of oddballs into cinemas to see if audiences would actually turn up, but DC are upping the ante even further with Suicide Squad. By assembling a team of super villains and pushing them centre stage, DC are carving out their own identity unique from Marvel or Fox Studios, establishing themselves as a separate entity early on.

Accusations that DC are simply emulating Marvel’s cinematic universe model may have been true initially, but the established comic book company is working hard to put their signature stamp on this enterprise. Going forward, movies like Suicide Squad and Deadpool will be key to maintaining interest in the superhero genre. Whether you like it or not, we need ‘heroes’ like this.

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