8 Epic Moments From The New Justice League Trailer And What They Mean


Clark Kent (Not Superman) Returns

After the big cliffhanger of the last trailer teased the return of Superman, following his death at the hands of Doomsday in BvS, everyone was expecting the Man of Steel to fly onto the scene for real in this teaser. Trailer logic dictated that he would likely appear at the end.

In a genius move from the movie’s marketing department, though, the very first thing this preview does is drop Henry Cavill’s long-awaited comeback. It means the trailer opens on a massive reveal that the rest doesn’t arguably top, but it is a very clever play on our expectations.

At the Kent’s farm in Smallville, Amy Adams’ Lois walks out into the field to find a serene Clark Kent facing away from her. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he says enigmatically, before explaining that he’s referring to the engagement ring she’s wearing. BvS viewers will remember that Martha Kent revealed that Clark was planning to propose to Lois before he died.

Though it isn’t the triumphant full reveal of Superman that we expected, this small-scale scene is a wonderful reintroduction to the character, focusing on his human side and – look, everyone, he’s smiling! It’s a promise that Superman might be a little more relatable going forward. Plus, the use of Hans Zimmer’s brilliant Man of Steel theme is also a welcome touch.

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