9 Characters We Want Spider-Man To Team Up With On The Big Screen

Doctor Strange

Let’s start with one team-up we know is definitely going to happen and we can’t wait to see. To make the most of having every single MCU hero sharing a movie, Avengers: Infinity War will feature some unlikely super-partnerships. One that sounds like the most fun is Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

In the comics, Peter Parker and Stephen Strange have formed an unlikely bond. Their differences – Spidey is a follower of science while Strange is a man of magic – have made them a great double act and we hope to see that replicated on screen. In fact, their odd couple dynamic should be even more pronounced seeing as Peter’s about twenty years younger than Strange in the MCU. Will Stephen’s big ego be able to cope with an impetuous teenager as a partner?

The Russo brothers have teased that Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland have “a great chemistry” in the movie, which shouldn’t be surprising after the two Brits previously worked together on The Current War. The pair aren’t going to be the heart of the film or anything, but they should definitely be a welcome addition to the proceedings.